Bottomline Technologies in Portsmouth, NH is a fantastic United Way partner company.  They run inspired, creative employee campaigns, designed to engage staff in the work of United Way while also delivering enjoyable activities like cook-offs and auctions.  Missy and Shirley, this year’s campaign coordinating duo agreed to do a small guest blog post for us.  Take it away!

At Bottomline, October is full of fun as we campaign to raise money for United Way. How could you not have fun? Sure, we’re raising money for a good cause, but we’re also stuffing our bellies with brunch, chili, dessert and a side of healthy competition (well, the chili event does get a bit “heated!”)

We also have a gift basket auction and each department goes to lengths to make sure their basket is the best on the table. Whether it’s a basket of delectable margaritas, a spa package, or an indulgent package of goodies from a brand new local hot shopping spot, we’ve got something to make everyone ooh and ah. It really brings in the donations!

Finally, there’s a battle of the bidding over prizes on the silent auction – we have mini wars to get Scot’s homemade maple syrup… bidding for a limo ride can be determined in the last millisecond, and certificates to local restaurants are bound to be eaten up in the early days of the auction. What can we say? When it comes to United Way, we like to eat great food, win great prizes and have a blast, all while supporting such a great cause.

Missy: After all those delicious cook offs – brunch, chili and dessert, I think I’ve got some new recipes to try for the Holidays! And maybe I can ask for a gym membership for Christmas to work it all off!! I mean even this United Way sign is feeling a little too heavy for me.

Shirley: Definitely! So glad I bid on that car snow removal from the silent auction, it’s getting nasty out there… I just wish I’d also grabbed the gift wrapping for 10 presents now that Christmas is a week away! When I am going to fit in all my posing for United Way when I have so many errands to run?


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