These credit building strategies used at our financial opportunity centers help individuals and families in need increase their net worth. They’ll work for you too! Anyone who has applied for a mortgage, car loan, rental agreement, credit card, and many […]

Money in the bank. Good credit. Manageable debt. These are the building blocks of financial freedom. The earlier kids start to understand the concept of smart money management, the greater their chances of financial security down the road. Here are […]

Helping homeless families is easier than you think. One thing many of us have in common is that on January 1st, we committed to living better lives. In small ways and large, by improving our health, our environment or the […]

For many students, mental health challenges can be a debilitating force. Together, we’re doing something about that. The boy couldn’t concentrate in school. Anxiety and depression had infiltrated his mental defenses. Major life changes at home had thrown his world […]

Stability, normalcy and opportunity: the keys to a family emerging from the threat of homelessness. Durham, NH. The winds of fall were playing havoc with the fire-orange leaves on the campus of the University of New Hampshire. Inside Johnson Theater, […]

For a group of Seabrook middle-schoolers, the battle against substance abuse is fought with energy, passion and creativity. The skunk changed from magenta to green! Did you see that? Why did she change to green? What happened? Did it have […]

  For 25 years, United Way’s Day of Caring has been a force for good in the community. The year was 1991. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast had cleared over $350 million at the box office. A fresh-faced Adam Sandler […]

Extra Credits

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In the hectic days of high school, these four students found the time to become tax prep pros–and help their neighbors find financial opportunity. Close your eyes. When you hear the word “accountant” what image springs to mind? A gentleman […]

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