These credit building strategies used at our financial opportunity centers help individuals and families in need increase their net worth. […]

Money in the bank. Good credit. Manageable debt. These are the building blocks of financial freedom. The earlier kids start […]

Helping homeless families is easier than you think. One thing many of us have in common is that on January […]

For many students, mental health challenges can be a debilitating force. Together, we’re doing something about that. The boy couldn’t […]

Stability, normalcy and opportunity: the keys to a family emerging from the threat of homelessness. Durham, NH. The winds of […]

For families who are already struggling, the holiday season bring a deeper level of stress and need. We all know that Santa’s […]

An empathetic approach to talking to kids about homelessness and poverty goes a long way. By Connie French As parents, […]

For a group of Seabrook middle-schoolers, the battle against substance abuse is fought with energy, passion and creativity. The skunk […]

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